The event enjoying GIAHS and Tea Paring in winter was held splendidly

We have held the event enjoying GIAHS and tea pairing on December 1st, 2018 in Ito city, Shizuoka at luxury inn, ABBA RESORTS IZU ZAGYOSO. Many participants had a really good time through various attractions, such as French cuisine with tea produced by the Chagusaba method & wasabi and mini-seminars to experience tea brewing, tea tasting, wasabi tasting and blending original aroma.

Let us extend sincere appreciation for those who supported and attended on this event, especially for the certified tea farmers who are conducting Chagusaba method, all the staff of ABBA RESORTS IZU ZAGYOSO, and distinguished artists who operated the mini-seminars for guests in the event.

Council for the promotion of Shizuoka’s Chagusaba method finally finished every entire event to celebrate the fifth anniversary of designation as the GIAHS site.

However, we are going to continue various kinds of projects which promote recognition of this site and branding.


List of certified tea farmers and retailers who attended and supported the event


Higashiyama chagyou kumiai Akira Kitajima Kakegawa city
Haradaen Ltd. Takayuki Shinmura Kakegawa city
Iwasawaen Katsuaki Iwasawa Kikugawa city
Ikumimura Ltd. Yasuhiko Saito Shimada city
Kaneto Miuraen Yoshinobu Miura Shimada city
Sugita Seicha Motoyuki Sugita Makinohara city
Tsuchiya Nouen Yuko Tsuchiya Kawanehoncho town


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