The Forum celebrates opening of “Kakegawa City AWAGATAKE GIAHS Chagusaba Terrace” was held.

The council for the promotion of “Chagusaba in Shizuoka” as a GIAHS site held the forum to celebrate opening of the Kakegawa City AWAGATAKE GIAHS Chagusaba terrace on September 11th at Tea Museum, Shizuoka. In spite of bad weather, almost 50 participants were gathered in the conference room.


We invited two lecturers to the forum; one is Mr. Akira Nagata who is the Japan Secretariat of East Asia Research Association for Agriculture Heritage Systems (ERAHS), UNU-IAS OUIK and the other specialist is Professor Tomonori Fujikawa from Tokyo University of Agriculture majoring in utilization of organic materials for reduction of environmental load and vitalization of rural communities. They shared useful information toward the revitalization of designated site for GIAHS in Shizuoka.


In addition to the lecture, the council secretariat reported the achievement of projects by the council to increase the recognition of GIAHS site, branding and supporting activities. The council continues to promote the GIAHS site and work for preservation of the Shizuoka’s Chagusaba method for the future generation.

Akira Nagata, East Asia Research Association for Agricultural Heritage Systems (ERAHS) Japan Secretariat

Dr. Tomonori Fujikawa, Prof. of Tokyo University of Agriculture

Hideshi Suzuki, secretariat of council for the promotion of “Chagusaba in Shizuoka” as a GIAHS site

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